Above Ground Pool Filters

Making the swimming pool dirt-free is a serious thing to do and must be done every day so that it is available to use anytime. And cleaning might take time and effort.
In-ground pool cleaners are among the important cleaning supplies that the owner must acquire. This one piece of equipment is very useful for the maintenance and especially the cleanliness. It is an automatic type of equipment which is very useful for the owner.

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can I shock my above ground pool?
I have a 4 foot above ground pool with a “ground cloth” (whatever that means). I was away for a little while and the person that was in charge of covering the pool and changing the filter bailed… but they failed to mention to me that they weren’t going to take care of it for me. I came back to my house and the pool if pretty darn gross looking. It is nasty and green, and just generally horrible looking. I drain it every year and put it up for the winter, but it is entirely too gross for me to put it up. How in the heck do I clean this thing? Where do I start? My pool has never looked like this, and since I paid hundreds for it, I don’t want to just throw it out. HELP!!!

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we bought a house that has an above ground pool. It’s got the hard walls. The people before us did not take care of it. There was at least a quarter inch of grime all over the pool. The pool store told us that scrubbing and chemicals would take care of most of it. It did, but everytime we sweep along the bottom more crap keeps floating to the top. I need to know how to take care of this without draining and starting over. It does have a sand filter with it. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!!

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When I clean my pool and the water goes through the filter the trash and dirt is going back into the pool. The sand is brand new. What is the problem? What do I need to do?Best answer:Answer by Ben JYou have the filter set to backwash. There should be a big knob on top of the filter that you turn.

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We opened our pool last week and it is cloudy. We have run the filter non-stop for 6 days, and can’t seem to get it clear. Any suggestions??Best answer:Answer by dcucklerThe place where you buy your chemicals should have a product called SHOCK! It is made to get you started at the start of each season! Try it and see if it works for you!

You consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer, right? Is installing a swimming pool something you want to take on? If so, you probably already know that above ground swimming pools are less expensive and easier to install than an in-ground pool; a pool contractor would likely charge between 0 and ,000 to erect an above ground swimming pool. If you’d like to save some money, if you’re handy with tools and can round up a few friends, you might be able to take on above ground pool installation duties.

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We’ve had this sand filter on our above ground pool for nine years with no problems whatsoever. Now, we have water coming out of the waste pipe while the pool filter is set to filter. The whole time it’s filtering, water is steadily coming out of waste pipe. The non-metallic bearing (the little plastic ring under the handle on top, that makes it turn smoothly) has broken. I really don’t see how this could be the problem though.
We’ve never changed the sand in the filter. Could this be our problem? Could it be that we need to change our sand? That’s the only thing I can think of…don’t know if that would make water come out of waste pipe. We’ve taken the whole top of the filter apart, and everything looks absolutely fine.


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